Why choose a short courses and public training courses with us?

Professional Programmes offered at ICCE include short courses, public training courses for public and in-house trainings as well as Certificate . All programmes are designed to meet the needs of the Malaysian job market which is rapidly developing, providing it with defined competitive edge by having a well-trained workforce.

Short courses and public training courses are available to employees from any organization, and are perfect when you want to train one or two people. They are run regularly and provide effective training allowing you to network with peers from different industries.

The courses are led by expert tutors who are skilled in both their subject matter and in the most effective ways for delegates to learn. They vary from one-day introductory courses, designed to increase your understanding of a standard, to detailed week-long courses. Some courses lead to certificates or qualifications and may involve an examination.

We take great care in selecting high quality venues, paying special attention to location, facilities and service standards.