Master Of Education (By Research)

About Programme


Master of Education (Research) is designed on part-time basis to allow those who are working and are interested to continue studies in the field of education. The main goals of the programme are to equip individuals involved with the necessary knowledge, through the values of Islam, communication and technical expertise in the education world. The programme will be conducted with an Islamic worldview, hence, an Islamic perspective to education will be stressed in every course. The Master of Education (Research) offers the following major areas of specialization:

  1. Teaching of Arabic to Non-Arabic Speakers
  2. Teaching of Islamic Education
  3. Educational Management and Leadership
  4. Educational Psychology
  5. Curriculum and Instruction
  6. Social Foundations of Education
  7. Instructional Technology
  8. Teaching Thinking
  9. Teaching English as a Second Language


The main objectives of the Master of Education programme (M.Ed.) offered by the Kulliyyah of Education are as follows:

  1. To upgrade the qualification and skills of teachers, administrators and counsellors as instructors/facilitators, leaders and trainers in curriculum innovations and teaching methodologies, administration and career guidance and counselling.
  2. To develop Islamic approaches in the presentation of knowledge under contemporary social and cultural conditions.
  3. To find effective approaches and methodologies in the presentation of value-laden knowledge under actual classroom situations.
  4. To train Islamic oriented professionals in education who could:
    • Understand the concept and principles of Islamic education,
    • Carry out research to identify problems relating to current practices and suggest solutions or innovation both at the macro and micro levels, and
    • Use and supervise the implementation and practices of these concepts and principles.

Duration of Programme

The duration of the programme is six (6) semesters which is equal to two (2) years.

Intake Schedule

January and September

Medium of Instruction

The programme is conducted in English .

Class Schedule

Friday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Saturday from 2:30pm to 10:00pm

Assessment Method

Continuous Assessment : 40% – 70%
Final Assessment : 30% - 60%

Class Location

Our location across Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur
IIUM Main Campus

Kolej Teknologi Darulnaim, Kota Bharu

KISMEC, Sungai Petani

MPC, Johor Bahru

PHM Learning Centre, Kota Kinabalu

K-Resources Centre, Kuching

Programme Structure

Students must obtain a CGPA of 3.00 or above for the prescribed courses and must successfully complete the Master of Education Thesis in order to qualify for the award of Master of Education degree.

The Postgraduate Fundamental Course (PFC)

The PFC course aims to enhance student’s competencies in the Core, Focus area, and Methodology course in preparation for the vetting of Research Proposal in advancement to M. Ed candidacy, which will be offered on the Semester one (3-4 month).

Course Code Course Synopsis Credit Hours Contact Hours
EDU 6003 Advanced History and Philosophy of Islamic Education

The course is designed to introduce students to the inquiry called foundations of education, which properly understood is a profoundly critical enterprise. Familiarity with foundations of education will lead to reflecting on and understanding of the philosophical and historical foundations of Islamic Education. The course emphasizes the mode of thought required to reflect on the foundations of education in general and Islamic Education in particular, and in what ways the requirements of the two are different and why.


42 hours

EDU 6004 Educational Measurement and Statistics

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of statistics and their applications in social science research. It exposes students to the concepts and skills pertinent to analyzing empirical data, describing different statistical methods and techniques in making sense of the data using both the descriptive and inferential statistics.

0 42 hours
EDU 6001 Research Methodology

This course is designed to give students a basic introduction to the fundamentals of educational research – what is involves, what types exist, and how to design and conduct such research. Students will learn the basic concept of educational research – identifying the research problem and objectives, reviewing the literature, and determining the proper research method for conducting both the quantitative and qualitative studies. Students will further their understanding of these concept by reviewing actual studies, designing and conducting a small research project and presenting the research report orally and in writing.
0 42 hours

Diploma Level Foundation Courses

This course aims to provide the basic knowledge on the education background. The course will be offered the Semester 2 (2 months only) and after finished the courses, they can start writing their thesis proposal.

Course Code Course Synopsis Credit Hours Contact Hours
EDF 5391 Introduction to Education

This survey course introduces students to the foundations of education, namely the philosophical, sociological, historical and psychological foundations of education. The foundations will emphasize on the Islamic Perspective.
0 28 hours
EDC 5392 Principle of Teaching

This course will provide an overview of issues in teaching and learning while providing much insight into learning how to teach for the beginner teacher. The concept of the effective teacher would be discussed and various instructional strategies would be given emphasis. Students would also be guided on the principles of classroom management on handling discipline, motivating students and on assessment and evaluation.
0 28 hours
EDC 5393 Practice of Teaching

This course aims to develop the skills of teaching. Students will be guided in and sensitized to instructional practices in schools. The focus will be on the practical /practicum aspect of the course in terms of mentoring.
0 28 hours
EDF 5391

Introduction to Education

This survey course introduces students to the foundations of education, namely the philosophical, sociological, historical and psychological foundations of education. The foundations will emphasize on the Islamic Perspective.
0 28 hours

Entry Requirement

  • A Bachelor Degree with Honors (min 120 credit hours) in relevant areas from the International Islamic University Malaysia or an equivalent degree from a recognized university with minimum CGPA 2.75;
  • English and/or Arabic language proficiency where relevant; TOEFL score of 550 / IELTS of band 6.0, or a score of 6.0 on the IIUM administered English Placement Test (EPT; a score of 7.0 on the IIUM administered Arabic Placement Test (APT).
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates who have excellent academic qualifications or relevant experiences.