About Programme


The Bachelor in Business Management (Honours) is created for people who are currently working and interested in furthering their education in the field of Business Management. Its goal is to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge, Islamic and universal values, communication and technical skills for the business world.

The programme will be conducted with an Islamic worldview and hence an Islamic perspective to business management will be stressed in every course. With the increasing imperative of integration between spiritual values and organizational effectiveness, the demand for an executive programme with an Islamic orientation is expected to increase.


  • The Bachelors in Business Management programme has been restructured to better prepare its graduates for the challenges of the business world.
  • The programme objectives are:
    1. To enhance students’ knowledge in the area of business management
    2. To provide in-depth business management knowledge, incorporating Islamic perspective and ethics in management
    3. To equip students with internet-savvy and interactional skills
    4. To provide a platform for students to interface and exchange ideas and knowledge in an international setting
    5. To enable students to achieve the above objectives without having to leave their current jobs

Duration of Programme

The duration of the programme is twelve (12) semesters which is equal to four (4) years.

Intake Schedule

January and September

Medium of Instruction

The programme is conducted in English .

Class Schedule

Day : Alternate weekends (Sat & Sun)
Time : 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Assessment Method

Continuous Assessment : 50% – 70%
Final Assessment : 30% - 50%

Class Location

Our location across Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur
IIUM Main Campus

Kolej Teknologi Darulnaim, Kota Bharu

KISMEC, Sungai Petani

MPC, Johor Bahru

PHM Learning Centre, Kota Kinabalu

K-Resources Centre, Kuching

Programme Structure

Students must complete a total of 120 credit hours in order to qualify for the award of Bachelor Degree in Business Management (Honours). They must pass all courses prescribed in the curriculum structure.

University Required Courses

No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1. UNGS 2030 The Islamic World View 3
2. UNGS 2040 Islam, Knowledge and Civilization 3
3. UNGS 2050 Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life 3
4. RKUD 3240 Studies of Religion 3
5. LE 4000 English for Academic Purpose 3
6. LM 2015 Komunikasi Perniagaan for Malaysian Students 3

Kulliyyah Required Courses

No. Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
1. ECON 1140 Statistical Methods 3
2. ECON 1150 Business Mathematics 3
3. ECON 1510 Principles of Microeconomics 3
4. ECON 1610 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
5. ECON 1710 Foundation in Islamic Economics 3
6. MGT 2010 Principles and Practice in Management 3
7. ICTM 1803 Information System 3
8. ACC 1511 Management Accounting Fundamentals 3
9. ECON 1340 Transaction Islamic Economics 3

Department Required Courses

No. Course Code Course Title Pre-Requisite Credit Hours
1. MGT 4110 Organisational Behaviour MGT2010 3
2. MGT 3050 Decision Science ECON1140, ECON1150 3
3. MGT 4320 Human Resource Management MGT2010, MGT4110 3
4. MGT 4760 Strategic Management MGT3050, MKTG3010, FIN3010, FIN3011 3
5. FIN 3010 Financial Management I ECON1140, ECON1150, ECON1610, ACC1511 3
6. FIN 3011 Financial Management II FIN3010 3
7. MKTG 3010 Marketing Principles ECON1510, MGT2010 3
8. INFO 2501 Management Information System ICTM 1803 3
9. ACC 3515 Management Accounting ACC 1511 3
10. LAW 3112 Malaysian Business Law - 3
11. ECON 2210 Managerial Economic ECON 1510 3
12. MGT 3390 Project Paper - 12

Department Elective Courses

No. Course Code Course Title Pre-Requisite Credit Hours
1. ECON 3410 Money and Banking ECON1510, ECON1610 3
2. ECON 3430 Islamic Banking & Finance ECON1710, ECON3410 3
3. ECON 4020 Investment Analysis FIN3010, FIN3011 3
4. FIN 4150 Financial Statement Analysis FIN3010, FIN3011 3
5. FIN 4870 Futures Options & Risk Management FIN3010, FIN3011 3
6. INFO 2401 System Analysis Design INFO2501 3
7. MGT 4010 Operations Management MGT3050 3
8. MGT 4650 Entrepreneurship ACC1511, FIN3010, MKTG3010 3
9. ECON 4810 Research Methodology - 3
10. MKTG 4110 Consumer Behaviour MKTG 3010 3

Entry Requirement

Malaysian Applicants

Must be at least 21 years old on the date of application and fulfill the following requirements:

SPM STPM Diploma
  • Passed SPM with Five (5) credits including English and Mathematics; and
  • Five (5) years related working experience
  • Passed STPM with at least three (3) principal (PNGK 2.00) passes obtained in one seating; and
  • Two (2) years related working experience
  • Any Matriculation Certificate/Diploma from University/College recognized by MQA with minimum CGPA 2.00


Applicants who do not fulfill the requirements of relevant work experience may be considered through interviews.

International Applicants

  1.  Must be 21 years old at the time of application with at least 3 years working experience.
  2.  At least three (3) principal passes in the General Certificate of Education ‘Advanced Level’ (CGE) ‘A’ Level Examination (UK Educational System) obtained in one sitting; OR
  3.  International Baccalaureate (IB) with a minimum of six (6) subjects obtained in one sitting; OR
  4.  Any other qualifications that are recognized by the Senate of the University as equivalent to the above.
  5.  Strong in Mathematics
  6.  Strong in two other subjects in the intended field of study.
  7.  Note:-
    • The University will determine the merit and suitability of the applicant’s academic grades received from home country.
    • The University reserves the right to determine an alternative relevant subject to Mathematics in the case that the applicant has not taken the subject in his/her examinations.



The total programme fees are as below.


Fees can be paid either in a total or by installment.


National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)

Students are eligible to apply for PTPTN loan subject to the terms and conditions stipulated by PTPTN (please refer to

Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

Applicants are eligible to withdraw from their EPF (Account 2)