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IIUM Centre for Continuing Education (ICCE) was formerly known as Centre for Excellence in Continuing Education and Enhanced Teaching-Learning (C-ExCEL). ICCE was established in August 1999 after IIUM decided to re-orientate itself in serving the community that lies within and beyond the confines of IIUM campus with knowledge and information. It was incorporated as ICCE in 2005.

IIUM Centre for Continuing Education (ICCE) is an education and training Centre that aims at providing quality education and training accessible to a wider scope of audiences. With the tagline Nurturing Community via University, ICCE offers and supports education and training programmes in various fields, from the lowest to highest institutional levels of education.


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Ahmad Ahsan

Was just going through the ICCE facebook and instantly realized that having seen ICCE’s growth through all the 3 GM’s. Have to say, you are doing the best and the most sincerest job. Congratulations for this. Inshallah I will pray for the best for ICCE and You.

Ahmad Ahsan
Corporate Client of ICCE


I would like to thank you for providing the best Management Services now. Most of my colleagues had responded positively under your management & team with regards to overall education process, student affairs & fees.

EBBM Penang